It has also many applications in pharmaceutical products which are mentioned bellow:

  1. Anti-inflammatory and preventing mouth cavities. Chewing the licorice root can prevent dental cavities. Nowadays there are various toothpastes that are flavored with licorice.
  2. Pharmacological experiments have demonstrated that different extracts and pure compounds from this species exhibit a broad range of biological properties, including antibacterial, anti‐inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, and antidiabetic activities. Expectorant and inflammation-reducing effects. Among other things, licorice contains saponins, a soap-like substance that lowers the surface tension in mucous membranes. The saponins activate the reflexes in the bronchus, making it easier to expel mucous.
  3. Boost healing and has been used for a long time for upset stomachs and intestines. Licorice contains large quantities of flavonoids, which are believed to suppress the helicobacter pylori bacteria in sore stomachs.
  4. Licorice have a stimulating effect on kidney and adrenal gland.
  5. Licorice have a positive effect on a damaged liver, but also believed to have a protecting effect in general.
  6. Licorice is helpful in relieving menstrual contractions and in treating urinary area infections.